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  • 2020 JNGE POWER New Product Development Plan 2020-02-18
    2020 JNGE POWER New Product Development Plan

    JN-MPPT-MINI-AL-BL-CL is a new product series of JN-MPPT solar charge controller. Since the first product was launched in August 2019, the cumulative sales of all products have exceeded 50,000 units until now. Of course, the rapid increase in sales is naturally inseparable from perfect product quality monitoring and the development of new performance. The JN-MPPT-MINI-AL-BL-CL product sequence will further strengthen the APP's remote communication function and the user's operating experience in 2020, and will meet the user's multiple needs to the greatest extent. Figure 1. For product layout, JNGE POWER is expected to launch high-power high-voltage solar controller products one after another in 2020 to improve the demand for solar controllers in solar high-voltage systems. At the same time, it will launch a new series of low frequency power inverters and a complete set of solar power system design solutions as one-stop service. In addition, our MPPT wind and solar hybrid controller has also been further improved. At present, the new hybrid controller has APP communication function, and has been put into production in small quantities. Users can monitor the overall parameters of the power generation system from the mobile phone, and can use the mobile phone The interface manually adjusts battery parameters, etc. At present, there are very few such products in the market with this APP function. Figure 2. In terms of production management and quality control, the JNGE team will continue to learn and summarize, strengthen the skills training of workshop personnel, strengthen the sense of service of employees, strengthen the quality inspection of inspectors, and reduce the rate of defective products (within 1%). Finally, in this special period of 2020, the JNGE team will continue to work together to overcome difficulties and usher in a new dawn.

  • JNGE APP operation manual 2019-08-30
  • jnge power limited asistió a la exposición de san polo intersolar 2019-06-09
    jnge power limited asistió a la exposición de san polo intersolar

    desde el 28 de agosto hasta el 20 de agosto, jnge power limited asistió a la exposición intolerante de san polo. Durante esta exposición, jnge power muestra el inversor jn-h fuera de la red inversor solar con la última tecnología, que atrae a muchos clientes. Además, nuestro modelo de venta caliente serie jn-mppt mppt controlador de carga solar, así como serie jn-k controlador solar pwm son muy interesantes para nuestros clientes. nos gustaría compartir algunas fotos para su referencia:

sobre nosotros
sobre nosotros

Anhui jnge power co., Ltd.Se encuentra en la zona de alta tecnología, ciudad de Hefei, provincia de Anhui. Hefei también se llama ciudad de la tecnología. Nuestra empresa es un fabricante líder de energía solar, eólica y otros productos de energía renovable. Tenemos un conjunto completo de r u0026 amp; D, producción, ventas y sistemas ...

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