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Introduction and practical application of solar inverter DC to AC? 2020-05-09 08:57:24

Inverter is generally an inverter function, what is the inverter function?  Just as we climb the mountain from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, the inverter is also a voltage conversion process, from low voltage to high voltage, DC to AC12v/24v to 110v/220v, why?  We have learned physics and all know that the standard operating voltage in each country is different. For example, it is 220v in China and 110v in North America and Japan. The inverter is the inverter only when the mains voltage is reached.

Why does the inverter convert from 12v/24v/48v/60v to 110v/220v?  The so-called off-grid inverter is usually connected to a battery, and the lead-acid battery is usually a 12v 100a or 12v 150a,12v 200a. Therefore, the DC voltage of the off-grid inverter depends on the voltage of the battery. When the DC voltage of your inverter is 12v, you need a battery and can connect it.  When you are a DC 24v inverter, you just need two 12v batteries connected in series to increase the voltage.  And so on. 

The application scope of general inverters(JNGE Brand inverter):

1.Areas with unstable voltage at ordinary times or areas with frequent power outages.  

2.Some friends need electricity for business (batteries connected to inverters), especially barbecues, small fruit stalls, night food stalls and other types.  

3.Places in remote mountainous areas where commercial power is difficult to reach

4.Places where camping and lighting are needed.  5. The place in the car to charge the notebook phone.

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