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The Inverter Is Like A Safety Butler 2020-06-17 09:16:38

Photovoltaic power stations are generally installed in the wild or on the roof. The natural environment is harsh. Natural disasters such as natural and man-made disasters, typhoons, snowstorms, dust and other natural disasters will inevitably damage the equipment. Small animals such as mice will bite the equipment. Cables can also be difficult to be cut by thieves. Solar photovoltaic power generation systems are related to the safety of people, power grids and equipment. Improper design and construction will also cause short circuits in the system. Therefore, solar inverters are needed to ensure the safety of the system at all times.  Inverter has voltage, current, frequency and insulation check functions. When the diagnosis system fails, it will immediately alarm.  If it is a safety accident that may endanger people and the power grid, immediately stop power generation and cut off the connection between components and the power grid.  To prevent the accident from further expanding.

According to the fault type displayed by the inverter, the place where the fault occurs can be easily found, and then corresponding measures can be taken to eliminate the fault.  Therefore, if the photovoltaic system does not generate electricity, it is not necessarily the inverter that has problems, but also the components, lines and power grid.

It is very convenient and safe to install and use such as JNGE inverter.

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